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Bukit Lawang "Rafting Tour Sapari"

No where else on earth can you find the vast expanses of mind-blowing nature than SUMATERA. The Green Xplorer rafting region encompasses four national parks: Gunung Leuser National Park Reserve, Wampu river Asahan river, Bohorok river.  The Wampu river Wilderness Park. The area is home to many rivers, but two of the most popular for whitewater rafting are the incomparable Asahan and Gurah river whose confluence is considered by many to be one of the most special places on earth. Expeditions on the Wampu river are one of the more highly coveted trips for whitewater rafters from all corners of the globe. In a region of spectacular rivers, the Wampu  stands out for its amazing scenery, beautiful water, and rich wildlife.

Our Product://

1.One day rafing              60 Eu/p
2.Two days rafting            130Eu/p
3.Three days rafting          350Eu/p
  the group will be minimum 3 person
  Incl : foods,drinks,transportation,guide fee.

Booking personal

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